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Ensure visibility and safety with industrial vegetation management (IVM)

Controlling vegetation in bare ground and roadside/right of way areas is an immensely important task. Alligare solutions help ensure that visibility is safely maintained. We help ensure that:

  • Parking areas, buildings and equipment are not damaged by root growth and water intrusion
  • Weeds, brush and trees don’t create fire hazards
  • Plant growth doesn’t impede drainage or interfere with intended facility uses
  • and much more…

Alligare provides the bare ground herbicides and field rep expertise who will work with you to provide a customized prescription of multiple active ingredients (AIs) for your specific needs. We can even custom blend solutions for different areas or regions that will simplify your job in the field with fewer containers, easier measuring and quick clean-up.

Alligare Industrial Vegetation Management

Download Alligare’s Bare Ground Reference Guide

This guide was written and designed with your needs in mind — a tool for you to easily match the product to the vegetation you need to control. The guide also includes application tips, safe handling advice, an adjuvant selection guide and volume conversion tables.

Transportation & Energy